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awesome gender-free contra dancing

“Last night's dance was seriously some of the most fun, chill, welcoming and open dancing I've been to in a super long time. I feel so lucky to live in a community that can create this kind of vibe. And, I got my contra and club dancing done all in one night.” -TC

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Awesome gender-free contra dancing!

Contra Dance is a form of community dance. No partner is necessary. PDX Contra Remix is a gender-free community of contra dancers. We use LARKS and RAVENS to signify what is often referred to as the Gents and Ladies or Lead and Follow roles in partner dancing.

Dance Culture

We gather for two reasons:
First, we are a gender-free dance community that seeks to be a safe space to be in process both as dancers and as humans. Larks & Ravens are the terms used to identify our dance partnership roles. Specifically, being gender free expands access for non-binary & queer dancers to come for all the same reasons straight men & women enjoy contra dance.
Second, we gather to grind out an immense amount of joy together. We strive to cultivate the values of consent & compassionate communication towards the goal of a more intentional connection to ourselves, each other, & community. Specifically, we agree 1. to advocate for ourselves, both in creating our own enjoyment & in resolving conflict/injury, 2. to screw up both dancing & advocating for ourselves, and find grace or enjoyment in that process, and 3. After taking care of ourselves, to support each other on the dance floor, in our shared intentions of cultivating a gender-free dance space, and in cultivating agreements 1 & 2. We also agree that organizers are not responsible for advocating for your personal needs but have offered to help individuals to do so for themselves when asked for help in that process. Jaydra Prefetti & Noah Grunzweig are the point people for requesting help. Mike Goren is the point person if you have conflicts with either Jaydra or Noah. All humans are welcome who buy into these intentions & agreements. Those who don't are encouraged to find a dance space that is a better fit.


Genres include House music around the world, High driving Electro Swing, Latin & Remix Pop, Reggaeton, Melodic Techno, Funk, Alt Indigenous, and a medley of genre bending magical music to tantalize your body's emoticons.


Lighting is dimmed lower than a traditional dance but is intended to still be visible. We use the white lantern lights & string lights of our hall at a little less than half luminescence as well as lasers & colored floods, some of which bleepy-bloop with the music.


A deliciously smooth wooden floor in the main hall of the Academy. Warm feel & comfortable on the feet & knees.


Noah Grunzweig is the house caller. Callers interested in cultivating our language &/or cultural agreements at our dance are encouraged to reach out to Noah.


DJ Contra Kitty is our House DJ, and we have guest DJ's both in person & virtually, though the playlist.


We do have an introduction to culture & dance at 6:30.

Upcoming Dances

Second Sundays, September through- May*

*March schedule is different and includes 2 dances

Wayfinding Academy @ 8010 N Charleston Ave, Portland, OR 97203 Wayfinding Academy
8010 N Charleston Ave, Portland, OR 97203

6:30pm community welcome & lesson | dance until 10

$6 - $15 sliding scale
or ask about volunteering

Next Dances

This calendar may not be updated promptly.

(Check Facebook for the most up-to-date info.)

  • Sunday October 13, 2019 @ Wayfinding Academy
    6:30pm community welcome & lesson | dance until 10
    Sun 10/13/19
    6:30pm community welcome & lesson
    dance until 10
    Wayfinding Academy

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Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

[email protected]
Noah (caller, dj, organizer)

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Jaydra (organizer)

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Mike (website)